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码报资料2019管家婆:FreeBSD 10.3-RC2下載

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"The second release candidate build of the 10.3-RELEASE release cycle is now available. Noteworthy changes since 10.3-RC1: under certain circumstances, 'zfs send -i', i. e. incremental ZFS send, could lead to data corruption, which has been addressed by importing an upstream fix; boot loaders and kernel have been taught to handle ELF sections of type SHT_AMD64_UNWIND just the same as SHT_PROGBITS when loading modules; while not directly relevant for 10.3-RELEASE, CLANG as of version 3.8 started to produce sections of the former type in amd64 modules and this changes will simplify upgrades from 10.3-RELEASE to 11.0-RELEASE later on; as part of closing or syncing a hash(3)-based database file, fsync(2) now is called on the latter - this ensures that changes are on disk when shutting down a machine, which previously was not always the case with soft updates in place."
更多發行日志:release announcement
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